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Hygge Series: A tea for every mood

Like so many across the country, we're enchanted with the Scandinavian concept of hygge — delighting in simple pleasures and curating "cozy." It might be the Minnesotan in us, but we're inspired to share our little bits of office hygge with you in a short blog series. Enjoy!

The world of communications consulting is often fast-paced, exciting and, yes, a little taxing. So how does the Lilja team stay energized, find our focus or create a moment of zen?

One word: tea.

We have a bit of a tea obsession in our office. When we’re feeling productive, frazzled, chilly or tranquil, chances are you will see us reaching for a cup of tea. Our selection is abundant, and our tastes are many. Here are a few of our favorite tea pairings.

To start your day: English Breakfast Tea (Ringtons)

Mary is the true tea aficionado in our office, and a sure sign of it is in her selection of breakfast tea. After a trip to England last spring, she brought back a taste for authentic English Breakfast Tea, known for being “full-bodied, bold and robust,” which she now sources online. Best paired with a splash of 1% milk to get you ready to greet the day.

To zen you out: Zen with a slice of lemon (Tazo)

Linda reaches for a cup of fragrant Zen green tea in the afternoons—often with a slice of lemon for a citrusy kick. According to her, this selection “gives me a sense of well-being.”

To warm you up: Constant Comment (Bigelow)

Most of the Lilja team are die-hard fans of this classic tea. Constant Comment is a black tea with orange rind and sweet spices guaranteed to warm you up on a chilly winter morning (or afternoon, it is perfect any time!). This tea even captured Leonard Cohen’s imagination, immortalized in his debut 1967 single, “Suzanne.”

The runner-up in this category—Sweet & Spicy from Good Earth.

To replace a sweet treat: Organic Vanilla Rooibos (Equal Exchange)

Craving something sweet in the afternoon to get you through the day? Alicia recommends skipping the empty calorie bombs in the office kitchen (or hidden in your desk drawer) and sip this tea instead for a little vanilla sweetness.

To quiet your nerves: Evening in Missoula (TeaSource)

This fragrant herbal tea is another crowd-pleaser. With strong notes of chamomile, rose hips, raspberry leaf, papaya leaf and peppermint—among other tasty ingredients—a cup of this tea can restore your sense of calm, even in the middle of a crisis!

To combat the office cold: Gypsy Cold Care (Traditional Medicinals)

This selection is a favorite of Kate, who has two small children at home with a singular talent for catching, incubating and sharing germs. So far our office has had more than its fair share of colds and sniffles, but this tea helps to keep them at bay (and is soothing when you weren’t so lucky…).

So step away from your desk and go brew a warm, steaming cup of tea! The ritual will calm you, and the tea will restore you. Enjoy a little moment of hygge in your day.

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