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Earth Day 2021: Our commitments to lead more eco-friendly lives

Person holding plant, photo by Noah Buscher on Unsplash
Photo by Noah Buscher on Unsplash

This Earth Day, the Lilja team is taking the opportunity to make a fresh commitment to reduce our individual impact on the planet. We’ve been through quite a year together and unfortunately had to spend our last Earth Day in lockdown, each opting to pick up trash in our neighborhoods instead of our annual clean-up together.

We’re about to gather for our annual clean up this year and are grateful for this opportunity. But we’re also taking stock of our lives and identifying new changes we can make to have a positive impact on the environment. We hope our commitments inspire you to make one of your own in honor of Earth Day!

Kate: I’ve been returning to my vegetarian preferences over the past few months, which has been a great shift that reduces carbon emissions and helps me feel better and more energized. My new commitment, one that I share with my husband Brian, is to integrate more vegetarian dishes into our family meals. Brian and I are both fans of tofu, but our kids – not so much! So we’re getting creative, looking online for new recipes to see what we can all enjoy. More information about the climate impact of your food choices is available from the sustainability pros at SLCgreen. I've also committed to buying a plug-in, all-electric vehicle when my current car's time is up. I am still a few years out and thrilled to see so many new and exciting options entering the market!

Alicia: I’ve been working to be more conscious of my clothing purchases, understanding the huge impact the fashion industry has on climate change. Rather than making impulse purchases, I’m slowing down my thinking to consider what role each garment will play in my wardrobe and make sure I’m not just buying a duplicate of something I already have. When I do make a purchase, I’m focusing on retailers that have clear sustainability goals. I’ve also dabbled with online thrift stores like ThredUP or Poshmark that give secondhand clothes a new life. For items I’m no longer using, I’ve been able to give many of them to friends or resell them myself.

Erica: I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t inherit my mom’s green thumb — gardening is an entirely foreign concept to me! But after watching the “Wings of Life” Disneynature documentary with my family, I was motivated to try. So my husband, kids and I will attempt to grow a pollinator garden. We’ll start small because this is our first foray into the field — not to mention my utter lack of natural gardening abilities — but I’m excited to try something new, and it’s inspiring to see my eldest son so excited to help bring back the bees!

Mary: I have been perfecting organics recycling at home, a process I expect to continue. It’s becoming second nature now: eggshells, tea bags, coffee grounds, orange peels, apple cores, onion skins, even meat scraps: all of this goes into a small bucket I keep under the sink. I place it on the counter whenever I’m cooking or making a salad. And when we order takeout, the food containers go in as well! I’m committed to continuing and expanding this practice, together with eating more vegetables and less meat, especially beef. My husband and I watched “Before the Flood” and learned that cows are huge contributors to methane emissions and the build-up of CO2 in our atmosphere. Goodbye hamburgers, hello veggie burgers!

Lori: Since recently moving to Uptown, I’ve been lucky enough to live so close to stores I regularly visit for my daily needs. My commitment for this Earth Day is to walk as much as possible for any of my day-to-day needs instead of driving. I try to use my car as little as possible and am committed to getting a bike to use in the city over the summer. Another thing I’m very passionate about is thrifting. A goal I have for this year is to keep about 80% of my closet populated with thrifted/secondhand clothing. I try not to purchase clothing from fast fashion stores and like to buy secondhand wherever possible, especially because I find that wearing unique pieces is a fun way to express my personal style!

Did you know?

The Lilja office runs on 100% renewable energy. Check out our sustainability policy to read more about our commitments to corporate sustainability.

Deeper dive

Interested in making an impact this Earth Day? Take a look at these tips to start your journey toward a more sustainable and eco-friendly life!

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