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Hygge Series: Flowers – for whatever ails you

Here is the second installment in our Hygge Series, sharing our little bits of office hygge – delighting in simple pleasures and curating “cozy.”

Lately our team has felt like we’re on a weather roller coaster here in Minnesota — one day the temperature is nearing 60, and the next we’re prepping to shovel snow.

One of the few things we are able to control is the “environment” in our office. We strive to create a cozy, welcoming space for ourselves and our clients — one that inspires productivity and balance. And one of our favorite strategies is to embrace the restorative power of flowers!

Celebrating winter:

Sometimes you just have to embrace your circumstance and find a way to celebrate. A bouquet of white blooms and deep red berries framed with fragrant evergreen boughs can remind us of a quiet walk in the woods on a clear winter night — and maybe even a lucky glimpse of the northern lights.

Thoughts of spring:

There is no denying the affect fresh tulips can have on the soul, especially when those pesky late March/early April snowfalls threaten to hold spring hostage. Tulips conjure images of spring bulbs poking their hardy green leaves through the cold (possibly snow-covered) ground. And the heavenly smell of lilacs, the sweet yellow blooms of forsythia and the old-world charm of late spring peonies just can’t help but delight our senses.

Lazy days of summer:

We at Lilja are blessed that Mary and her husband, Mike, are passionate and skilled gardeners. Some of us on the team love to garden, but Mary and Mike LOVE to garden. And all summer long, like clockwork, Mary arrives at the office armed with flowers she’s freshly cut that morning. It’s hard not to smile as you pass by vases of delicate pink coneflowers or brightly colored zinnias. (Pro tip: State Fair Zinnias are favorites, but get them early because they sell out in a flash.)

Settling into fall:

For many, fall symbolizes the balance between light and darkness, preparing for change and taking time to reflect. It’s also a time to take comfort in the hardy blooms of fall. Mums seem to frame almost every Minnesota doorway come September. But as the days grow shorter, we let blooms like sedum, Joe-pye weed and hostas — not to mention those stunning hosta leaves — bring a sense of lightness to the office.

Whatever the season, let flowers bring a moment of hygge to your day!

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