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Another one for the books

Our wonderful clients never fail to amaze us, and sometimes we can’t help but brag about their great work. One such client is Mary Nelson Keithahn, who simultaneously published two books this summer.

"Elfie: Adventures on the Midwest Frontier" is a children’s book based on a memoir and family history from Mary’s ancestors, and her granddaughters Katie Kangas and Hazel Keithahn provided the illustrations and custom font, respectively, for the book. "Embracing the Light: Reflections on God’s Word" is a book of scripture-based meditations and prayers that provide reflections from Mary’s life and experiences.

We were honored to help Mary with the editing, design and production process for both of these venerable LifeStories books, but our work didn’t stop there. We also launched a PR campaign, targeting media, retail outlets and readers everywhere. From sending a news release to contacting community retailers to developing an online author media kit and sell sheets, we left no stone unturned in securing media coverage!

And Mary’s beautiful books practically sold themselves: Mary was featured live on South Dakota Public Radio, and she’s also received local coverage in Rapid City Journal, Northfield News, Gaylord Hub, Arlington Enterprise and Shoreview Press – all places where Mary and her family have lived. We’re excited to see Mary’s books everywhere from Barnes & Noble to local libraries and gift shops.

Truth be told, we love having the opportunity to work with a LifeStories client from the start of their LifeStories project to promoting the book through plentiful PR and media outreach.

For more information on Mary and her books, visit If you’re interested in embarking on your own LifeStories project, we’d love to hear from you!


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