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Lilja client launches inaugural sustainability event

When our longtime client Tetra Pak told us they wanted to create a one-of-a-kind event bringing together their employees, their families and the community to celebrate and promote sustainability, we were delighted to help build this event from the ground up.

“The whole idea behind GrowXGood Fest is to bring employees and their families together in an immersive way to celebrate sustainability. We have a lot of activities to get our employees more engaged, not just with what we do at Tetra Pak to promote sustainability, but also with the local community,” said Larine Urbina, vice president of communications, Tetra Pak U.S. and Canada.

More than 900 employees and their families attended the first GrowXGood (“Grow By Good”) Fest. Eleven sustainability-minded organizations hosted interactive booths to spread awareness of local sustainability efforts. Attendees also had the opportunity to take “behind-the-scenes” campus tours to get a glimpse into the many ways Tetra Pak is committed to sustainability, from lowering the energy needs of the data center to making sure all scrap materials from the factory get recycled.

We partnered with Tetra Pak to create a name for the event and on the initial event planning. We also created a design aesthetic for all printed and emailed materials, including invitations, banners, wayfinding signs and more, that communicated Tetra Pak’s commitment to four pillars of sustainability.

GrowXGood was a day of action and connection. Tetra Pak wanted not just to showcase the ways they are moving the dial on sustainability, they also wanted to engage their employees and their families to take action at home – and everyday – to help reduce their impact on the environment. To this end, we worked with them to conceptualize and design the Commitment Wall, where attendees could share their commitment to making a positive impact on the planet. Attendees could even write their commitment on a slap bracelet and take it home with them!

“Working for a company like Tetra Pak that prioritizes sustainability is really important,” said Urbina. “It makes you feel like what you're doing has a greater good and you're really contributing to something that goes beyond the four walls of your office.”

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