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Lighten up! Formalizing fun at work.

If you’ve ever worked in an office, you probably don’t need a study to tell you that employees who have fun at work are happier, more productive and do better work. So, I’ll skip quoting statistics and get to the fun stuff.

Sometimes fun moments happen organically with employees who just click or have similar interests, but there’s also power in harnessing these leanings into formalized fun. At Lilja, we’ve instituted Lilja Culture moments, which are sometimes serious, but oftentimes fun and include watching a funny YouTube video or just enjoying some yummy snacks together.

Another example of formalized fun at Lilja from days of yore: The Inkster, a quasi-once-a-year publication created by the staff of Lilja, for the staff of Lilja. With a cadre of talented writers on staff with a knack for humor, The Inkster included internal gossip with titles such as “Observations or Hallucinations: You Decide” and the poem “The Night Before the Director’s Conference.”

Unfortunately, most of The Inkster is unsuitable for reprinting here. All I can say is they make for a fun romp down memory lane, and a great lesson in the power of some “formalized fun” to bring the staff together and codify their unique experiences.

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