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Sacred Food for Soulful Living:
Recipes from the House of Prayer Kitchen

Edited and compiled by the Rev. Ward Bauman

Published by Lilja Press in 2010

Price: $12 paperback

Located in Collegeville, Minnesota, at the geographical heart of the Episcopal Diocese, the House of Prayer is a retreat center that represents a shared ecumenical vision between the Episcopal Church and St. John's Abbey. Inspired by the sacredness of preparing and sharing food at the House of Prayer, the Rev. Ward Bauman created and compiled the recipes contained in "Sacred Food for Soulful Living."


"The recipes in this wonderful collection of most-asked-for dishes at the House of Prayer, are meant to be savored in the company of family and friends. Enjoy!​"
— Maryjude Hoeffel

"The recipes in this book are unique and — with a delicious twist. Having made many of the recipes, I can hardly wait to make them all."
— Carole Baker

"That which is life giving deserves to be shared. In this offering one finds recipes and reflections that nourish body and soul."
— Mary Adams

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