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Driven by impact-focused work.

For over 30 years, we have shared stories that inspire others to make a difference in their communities.

Our work spans public relations, internal and external communications, family and business history publishing, and more.


Our Values

We care deeply about our clients, our work and our world

We deliver on our promises

We lead with integrity

We create exceptional work that does exceptional good

“I love working with the Lilja Team! They are responsive, creative

and their work is consistently excellent.”

– Suzanne Koepplinger, Catalyst Initiative

The Lilja Team

Experienced. Creative. Authentic.

The Team





Communications Director


Communications Specialist - Digital Media



Founder, Retired



LifeStories Consultant

Sustainability Policy

Lilja Communications is a small business that is committed to taking steps to reduce its impact on the environment. The policy steps outlined below are simply the beginning of our internal efforts to enhance corporate sustainability.

Our goals are to:

  • Integrate sustainability into all of our business decisions.

  • Minimize the impact of our office and transportation activities.

  • Ensure that everyone on the Lilja team knows and understands our Sustainability Policy and is committed to implementing and improving it.

  • Encourage our clients and the broader community to consider implementing sustainability practices in their daily lives.

  • Review and continually strive to improve our sustainability performance.



  • Power the Lilja office with 100% renewable electricity​​

  • Power down computers and turn off all lights at the end of the workday.

  • Unplug devices once fully charged; remove plug from outlet when not in use.

  • Turn on lights only when necessary; make the most of natural light whenever possible!

  • Run the dishwasher only when full of dirty dishes (and not just every night). 

  • Replace light bulbs with high efficiency LEDs, when possible.

  • Use rechargeable batteries in all battery-powered devices (computer mice, TV remotes); recharge batteries on-site.

Office Supplies

  • Use 100% post-consumer recycled paper products whenever possible.

  • Purchase only environmentally friendly products for office use, including soaps, candles, dish detergent and lotions that are free of phthalates, parabens, harsh detergents and synthetic fragrances.

  • Order new supplies only as needed; reuse supplies over buying new when possible.

  • Utilize durable kitchen supplies, including plates, cups and utensils. 

  • Bring a reusable water bottle to offsite meetings to avoid use of plastic water bottles.


Waste & Recycling

  • Ensure employees understand how to fully utilize office recycling bins.

  • Explore the feasibility of on-site composting service through Hennepin County.

  • Print only when necessary, utilizing double-sided printing at all times.

  • Properly dispose of office supplies and materials when they reach their end of life, whether that means recycling or dropping off at a designated site.





  • Minimize out-of-office meetings that require travel by vehicle.

  • Carpool to lunches, when applicable, or “group order” to reduce vehicle trips.

  • Create space within the office for bike storage, as needed. Employees who bike to work are encouraged to dress casually as an incentive.



  • Lilja Communications hosts an annual staff Earth Day cleanup in the natural area surrounding our office. Trash and other items are collected and recycled, as applicable.


Community Involvement

  • Explore local engagement opportunities, including serving on citizen sustainability commissions and donating professional services through select nonprofit pro bono work.



  • Encourage mental, emotional and physical well-being for all employees through practices during the workday, such as taking walks outside, signing off during lunch breaks, leaving work at the office, group chats during the day, etc.

  • Offer summer hours for the team, which allows employees to leave at noon on Fridays between Memorial Day and Labor Day. 

Sustainability Policy


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Eden Prairie, MN






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