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What is our staff looking forward to most about spring?

Mary: I love the longer, warmer days that come with spring in Minnesota. I enjoy looking for the native wildflowers that begin to appear in my husband's garden. First, it's the hepatica and bloodroot; then the anenome, mixed with trout lilies (both white and yellow), pasque flowers and trillium; and finally, yellow moccasins, flowers I have loved since I was a little girl. They remind me of my mother's garden, for in the very back corner, under the flowering crabapple tree, there were a few yellow moccasin flowers my father had found and planted there. And I, diligent each spring, would uncover their little stems as they began to bravely push their way up above ground. So I will once again look for these sturdy little fellows and savor the miniature moccasin flowers. And I will remember my mom, who passed away this past winter, and remember how she loved the promise of spring and of warmer days to come!

Linda: Spring makes me feel that everything is possible again after the long cold winter. Perhaps it's the joy of waking up to a sunlight-filled house or moving my bougainvillea outside to bloom yet another year. Or perhaps it's just the fact that I can bid my socks farewell, run outside to play with the dogs and take long walks around Lake Harriet, without scrambling to find my boots!

Alicia: I'm looking forward to the ground thawing so we can finish building a new deck and addition on our house – a project that got started in the fall and was thwarted by a lack of available concrete, and then the frost. Our backyard is so heavily treed that when you're sitting out on the deck, it feels more like a cabin than the suburbs. *I'm also looking forward to busting out some open toe shoes and putting my boots away until next fall.

Charlotte: My husband and I bought our first house this winter, so I'm looking forward to discovering our yard a bit more – we plan to plant a new tree in the backyard as part of the Minneapolis Tree Trust program! We're also building a cedar fence – soon our beloved dog, Dixie, will run free in the backyard for the very first time!

Emily: Having lived in Florida for four years, I am convinced that my blood thinned during that time. Therefore, the rising temperatures are what I'm most looking forward to this spring! Now everyone at the office won't have to witness me bundled up in a blanket and drinking coffee just to warm up....

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