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The Power of Story

Everything we do at Lilja revolves around story. Whether we’re writing about a client’s new service or initiative, or explaining how they’ve met a challenge, effective storytelling is paramount.

The same holds true on the personal side. Did you know that how you frame your own story has an impact on your health? A recent Wall Street Journal article highlights studies that suggest “people who frame events in their lives – even negative ones – in positive ways have better mental health.”

It’s also healthy for children to grow up hearing family stories. A piece in the New York Times describes how kids who know their family’s narrative are more resilient. Recognizing that grandma and grandpa went through adversity and came out the other side helps the next generation to know that no one lives in a straight line; life is full of ups and downs. And that’s normal.

Don’t underestimate the power of sharing your personal or business story, and be conscious of the frame you use to tell it.

What is your story? We can help you share it with your world.

Happy Spring,

Mary Lilja

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