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Building a legacy online

One of Lilja's very first clients and nonprofit management expert Susan Kenny Stevens recently turned to us to develop a unique website.

Susan is the author of Nonprofit Lifecycles: Stage-based Wisdom for Nonprofit Capacity, the premier approach to understanding and building the capacity of nonprofit organizations.

Susan's work to define the various stages of nonprofit growth and development – from idea and start-up through to decline and/or turnaround – has made her a sought-after speaker and consultant throughout the U.S. Her concepts have helped management and boards alike navigate the challenges inherent in running successful nonprofit organizations.

The website Lilja designed creates an online home for Nonprofit Lifecycles that captures the depth of the material and conveys how Susan's concepts are being used worldwide.

Along with featuring her existing material, the site allows followers to interact with Susan, purchase copies of her many books, and sign up for upcoming events. And a newer, more fluid platform allows Susan to easily revise content and keep her website current.

Visit to learn more about Susan Kenny Stevens and the lifecycles approach to nonprofit organizations!

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