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Ways to record your LifeStory

At Lilja, we're in the business of helping people tell their stories. One of the more challenging aspects is knowing where to start, or which stories to tell. We've compiled a list of ideas to help jog your memory and get the stories flowing:

  • Ask younger children to interview senior family members. Record the interview with a video camera or with pen and paper.

  • Make family gatherings (holidays like Easter, time together at a backyard barbecue) times to ask questions and share stories. Record them, or write them down.

  • Ask a senior member of the family to write their story. Encourage them to begin, and then to continue writing. Express ongoing interest in what they are doing.

  • Write your own story. Think of the defining moments of your life: What were they? What were the big "aha" moments when something became clear to you?

  • Think about the ordinary moments and things in your life. What was an ordinary day like for you when you were growing up? Describe your house, room by room.

  • What are the funniest times you most recall? The saddest moments?

  • What unique gifts have you brought to the world?

  • What are the key values that have shaped your life? Your work? Your role as neighbor? Parent? Significant other? Community member?

  • Finally, think about how you want to be remembered. Can you describe yourself and your life in a few simple sentences? (i.e., "I want to be remembered as a person who loved people, and was happiest when I was helping others. I also never met a dog I didn't like.")

Interested in pursuing your own LifeStory? We can help! Visit our Lilja LifeStories page for a list of our services and examples of our work.

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