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The value of family history

We’ve been saying it for a long time: knowing your family history is a good thing – no matter who you are or what your background.

Abbott Downing’s practice of producing family history books for its wealthy clients was recently highlighted in the Star Tribune. The theory is that digging into a family’s history, along with applying a bit of psychology, can help family members preserve their vast fortunes.

But the value of knowing your family history goes far beyond the protection of financial assets for the ultra rich.

At Lilja LifeStories, we work with families and businesses that run the gamut in terms of wealth. Some wish to share their personal memoirs with family and close friends, others wish to share their stories with the world. Regardless of their budget and goals, all of our LifeStories clients have a story to tell.

In the process, we help our clients gather the stories and images that have shaped their journeys. We also help them navigate personal and business relationships to find kernels of truth in the stories passed down.

Sharing those stories isn’t always easy, and the process can open old wounds thought long healed. But the end result is worth it.

Current and future generations will know the stories behind the photos and why their ancestors made the choices they did.

They will be grounded in the knowledge that generations before them enjoyed successes, but also faced challenges and made mistakes along the way.

And they will carry on their family or business legacy knowing they stand on the shoulders of giants.

Interested in delving into your own family or business history project? Learn more about how we can help at

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