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Company events are a great place to tell your story – but what story do you tell?

Recently, while managing a client’s corporate event, someone asked me how long I had been coordinating events. I replied that event management is only a small part of my job at Lilja, and I explained how our event support dovetails with all the other types of communications support we provide.

Having a communications firm manage an event makes perfect sense: an event is just one more way to reach an audience and share your story.

All events tell a story – from the story of love at a wedding, to the story of corporate success while celebrating a company milestone, to the story of working together on projects at a staff meeting. And an event gives you a chance to refine that story and share it face-to-face – which is far more personal than a news release, memo or employee newsletter.

With a little forethought, small gestures at your company’s events can go miles in telling your story. The key is determining what aspects of your story you want to tell, how you want to tell it, and making sure your attendees (be they employees, customers, or other stakeholders in your business) know how they are a part of the story.

Here are some tips to thinking about what stories you might want to share at your company’s next event, no matter how big or small:

How did your company start? Help your employees connect to the roots of your company by sharing details about the company’s origins and initial goals. Sometimes companies don’t get off to the smoothest of starts, but reflecting on the rocky roads of the past can help instill a sense of achievement and pride.

Who has shaped your company over the years? Acknowledging the people who built your organization can be a powerful tool to empower your associates and share your values with clients.

How do you live out your company mission and values? Rather than expecting your clients, business partners and associates to simply read your mission statement and values, share stories that illustrate your mission in action. Maybe one of your associates went the extra mile to ensure a client received its order in time for a grand opening event. Maybe your team regularly volunteers at a nearby nonprofit. Whatever your mission, show, don’t tell, and people will remember.

What have been the company’s flagship successes? Talking about success doesn’t have to be bragging. Remember, it’s those successes that enable your company to grow and develop new offerings for your customers.

Where is the company going? Give your guests a reason to be excited about the company’s future. Even if you don’t have a specific announcement to make, talking about the general direction the company is headed is a powerful message to deliver in person.

Our blog also has some great ideas to make sure you’re chronicling your company’s journey as you go, and preserving it for future employees to find and celebrate.

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