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  • Linda Tedford

Turn your external business history outside in


One of the most powerful ways for a business to engage current and new customers is to share its story. It’s more and more common for businesses to infuse their history and culture into their public relations, marketing and online presence. But others go a step further and share the story of their business in book form.

Our client, Park Dental, did just that. The pioneering dental group practice recently celebrated 45 years of service in the Twin Cities with a legacy book to share their journey. Now, as patients wait to see their dentist or hygienist, they can read and enjoy "Park Dental: Our Patients, Our People, Our Story."

The beautiful hardcover book is full of photos and celebrates the founders, Dr. Greg Swenson and Dr. Bud Murn. They had the vision and pioneering spirit to create one of the first successful dental group practices in the country.

It’s a story about people committing to systems and standards to assure quality patient care; embracing the hard work necessary to achieve accreditation, because the process makes everyone better; and having the courage to dream big, because every community deserves to be well served.

At its core, it’s a story about the people Dr. Murn and Dr. Swenson brought together to help make their vision a reality. That’s why Park Dental also did what most businesses would never think to do:

They asked us to create a second version of the book — just for doctors and team members. And they’re giving a copy to every employee.

It tells the same story as the external book, but it also shares elements of Park Dental’s journey that are for doctor and team member eyes only. Theirs is a story of doctors putting people before profits, a team coming together as a family in the face of adversity, and a group embracing the future, strengthened by staying true to the vision of its founders.

Park Dental doctors and team members continue to laugh and reminisce together as they look at photos and share anecdotes from the book. As one team member put it, “[the book] is a really great reminder of who we are as an organization ... I feel we have come a long way and we continue to reach beyond what anyone would have dreamed of in the 1970s.” She and her colleagues know they’ve been trusted with a precious gift — and they feel valued and inspired by it.


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