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Celebrating Earth Day in 2020

As the world celebrates the 50th anniversary of Earth Day this Wednesday, April 22, the Lilja Communications team has had to adjust our traditional celebration in the wake of COVID-19.

Our traditional Earth Day

At Lilja Communications, we have long marked Earth Day by cleaning up our own little corner of the world.

Our celebration traditionally starts with a healthy, meat-free potluck lunch to fuel ourselves for an afternoon outdoors. From vegan Beyond Burgers to organic salads and homemade guacamole, our Earth Day lunch menus have represented our commitment to sustainability.

Our potluck lunch is followed by suiting up with galoshes and gloves to pick up trash around the ponds near our office. Over the years we’ve found an amazing array of goods, from a van seat and an old bike (seriously) to lost family photos, empty soda cans and cigarette butts.

Earth Day this year

This year is different. We are all working from home and won’t be gathering (at least physically) for our potluck and afternoon of picking up trash around the ponds.

Instead, we will each be making a difference in our own neighborhoods — assisted by our families and armed with everything from garden gloves and trash bags to ski poles for capturing those pesky bits of paper nestled just out of reach. And we’ll celebrate the results of our labor with photos and a virtual happy hour.

On this important milestone for Earth Day, we invite you to help make a difference by doing whatever you can in your own little corner of the world. You can also go to Earth Day 2020 for ways to take action as Earth Day goes digital.

In response to the threat of COVID-19, so much has changed in our day-to-day lives. Many of these changes — reducing travel, buying in bulk, cooking at home, enjoying simple pleasures like puzzles and card games — have a positive impact on the environment and our carbon footprint. This Earth Day, take a closer look at how you’re living now and determine what you want to continue when we come out of this.

Remember, Earth Day is about inspiring action for the environment every day.

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