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Lead with your values to connect with your consumer

Today’s strongest brands are connecting with consumers’ hearts, tapping into shared values to create meaningful and sustainable customer relationships and build brand loyalty. Are you ready to take the leap from boring business to lifestyle brand? Here are our tips.

Know who you are. Before all else, you will need to have clear and compelling answers to the following questions. What is your purpose? Why does your organization exist? Why should anyone care? Having a strong “why” is crucial to connecting with consumers, especially if you want to build brand loyalty. Stumped? Watch this TED Talk by Simon Sinek.

Lead with your values. Create a strategy for integrating your values into every aspect of your business, paying special attention to how your values will help you tell your story. Communicate from the inside out.

Know your audience. What do they care about? Where is your common ground? Utilize messages and mediums that will help you effectively share your brand story and resonate with your consumer.

Meet them where they are. There is a whole host of ways to communicate with current and prospective consumers. Traditional news media, social influencers and original content to drive SEO are just a few examples. Identify the proper channels that will help you connect with your consumer and provide the best ROI.

Get professional help. Lilja Communications has helped countless businesses develop, refresh and refine their brand. We can help you identify and integrate your values into your brand story, strategize how to effectively communicate with your audience, and determine the best avenues to engage with your consumer in a meaningful way.

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