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Part 1: Four tips for crafting an effective sustainability story

On Wednesday, October 12, I will present alongside other local storytellers and sustainability professionals at the Environmental Initiative's Sustainability Storytelling: Going Beyond the Report workshop.

As I prepare for this exciting event, I’ve been thinking about what makes effective stories – especially in the sustainability sphere. Messages are often complex, our subject matter can feel weighty and the steps to live a more sustainable life can sometimes seem austere.

Everyone is talking about sustainability these days. But what are the elements found in the best sustainability stories?

Here’s a preview of my top four:

  1. Make it personal.

  2. Be honest about the barriers.

  3. Reinforce a social norm.

  4. Emphasize impact and inspire action.

Stay tuned for more on these elements, including helpful examples pulled from my personal experience working in sustainability communications, plus a few of my favorite national campaigns, as well.

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