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  • Lauren Berg

Celebrating Earth Day

Earth Day at Lilja Communications usually means two things: potluck and trash cleanup around the ponds that surround our office.

Weather only delayed our celebration by two days this year! On Wednesday afternoon we all gathered around the conference table for a meat-free feast of veggie burgers and corndogs, salads and guac to kick off and fuel our Earth Day celebration.

After lunch, it was time to pick up trash. Armed with gloves and plenty of garbage bags, we found lots of bottles, cans, paper, cardboard and cigarettes scattered along the road, in the grass, and tucked under the reeds that surround the ponds.

As we worked our way around the pond, we found that many of the areas that at first glance didn’t seem to have very much garbage were actually packed with small candy wrappers and bottle caps hidden under leaves.

Following our cleanup, we gathered once again for some pies: chocolate chip and mountain berry. As we connected over pie, it was nice to know that we had done a small part to help care for the environment. And we will continue to do our part each day here at Lilja Communications.

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